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Ready to test drive the newest and brightest software solutions for your library? The Evanced DemoZone is the place to be. You continue to help build our software, and now is your chance to come kick the tires on the latest Evanced event calendar and room booking solutions.

You don't remember designing any software recently?

For more than a decade, through countless site visits, events, conferences and conversations, Evanced has been engaging librarians like no one else. Our software is designed, sold, and supported by librarians, specifically for libraries and their patrons, students, faculty, and staff.

You helped design it. Now come try it. Booth #1405

Event Calendar Management

Take your event planning and management to new heights with SignUp. This easy-to-use, sleek system is more than just a calendar. SignUp allows you to plan, promote and report on everything that happens at your library. You've been waiting for this, and now it's time to give it a try!

Room Booking Solutions


Managing events is just half the battle. That's why you have to come test drive our new companion program Spaces. Modernize your room booking strategy to give patrons ease of use and an attractive interface that will help control spaces and keep your building full of life. Maybe you are looking for a way to keep a handle on unmediated study rooms. If so, D!BS is the simple, fun way to handle room bookings.

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Evanced Solutions is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and for more than a decade has been designing products for libraries. We are librarians, teachers, authors, parents, artists, techies, gamers and readers, and we are dedicated to bringing you the finest possible products to help transform your library and community.

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